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ACE Heald / ACE 综丝
ACE HEALD manufactures products capable of optimal functionality with skilled technicians and accumulated technology. ACE HEALD's production system is strictly managed with an ISO 9001:2000 certified quality management system, concentrating on producing healds of optimal quality. ACE HEALD will help you the customer in reducing costs and raising productivity
Drop wire / 停经片
The steel drop wire, specially polished, leaves threads completely intact while weaving, and ensures improved quality and productivity under any conditions.
- Tempered steel offers better durability
- Excellent plating considerably reduces corrosion even in a high-humidity environment.
- Our product can be used for automatic drawing, as it eliminates size errors
Warp Stop motion / 断经自停装置
Chang lim Precision's WARP STOP MOTION is designed to perfectly detect warp's breakage to prevent defective fabric. As uniform tension is maintained with the weight of the dropper, it is possible to produce choice fabric. It also improve quality and productivity.